Nature Dreaming; Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami

 On Tuesday, March 8, I had a dream I called "Wave."

I'm sitting on the beach with Sarah B. It's a vacation spot--lots of people are there with us. We're chatting. Something strange is happening in the water. I see a plume of smoke rising up and there is also a wave curling in an unusual way. Sarah asks which one I'm watching and I say the smoke. But then the wave collapses and sends its energy to the left, wiping out the smoke. We watch a huge surge come in 1/4 to 1/2 mile to our left. Then I watch the water. It's rising and rising. Now a big wall of water is coming. I sense it and I get up and grab our towel. We start walking in but we need to move faster. I remind Sarah to just hold her breath when it hits. We just reach the bus when it hits and I jump on top of it as the water hits me. It pulls me up but not far. Next I see myself writing a blog title about how I survived it. 

While I wrote this dream down that morning, I felt intense emotion and my eyes welled up with tears. At the time, I felt it might be related to the emotions I'm feeling around my trip and the sadness that comes from leaving a familiar place.

But I'm certain this dream was also precognitive in some way, predicting the events that happened in Japan yesterday. I've had dreams like this before that predicted or echoed earth events. I call the phenomenon nature dreaming. Others apparently experienced this as well. When I checked the dream sharing site remcloud.com, it had results showing that tsunami and earthquake dreams were trending yesterday. The Dream Tribe put out a call on Facebook to see who'd had quake or wave dreams and several users shared their tsunami dreams. My fellow Dream Tribe member Ryan had a dream about a tsunami hitting Inverness, Calif. where he used to live and woke to his wife telling him about the Japan quake. Linda, also a Dream Tribe cohort, reported that she and her husband both had dreams about tsunami dreams earlier in the week.

What does it all mean? At the very least, to me this is a powerful demonstration of how connected we are to the Earth and each other, and it serves as proof that we are all nature dreamers.

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