Katrina Dreamer Interviews Amanda eloesh

Amanda eloesh walks many paths. She is, among other things, an integrative medicine specialist, an expressive and meditative arts healer, and an urbindigenous priestess. When you meet her, her bright soul shines right through. I mean, look at that smile! I'm pleased to introduce her through this installment of Katrina Dreamer Interviews.

1. What is the importance of nature?
Well, it is the source of life, and it holds the patterns and laws by which all living things are sustained in balance, so it is also a great teacher for us.

2. How do you connect with nature?
On an almost daily level, I like to walk and touch the trees and mosses, smell the flowers, nibble the herbs, hold crystals, appreciate the weather in all of its forms, and I try to be more and more aware of all that I interact with that sustains me: air, water, fire, food....

3. How does your work invite others to reconnect with or interact with nature?
I start by helping people reconnect to their relationship with themselves, and from that foundation, that point of origin, I help my clients to see the world around them as a network of energies that we can have access to if we stay connected to ourselves. At the level that my clients are comfortable with, I introduce the concepts of relationship (with self, with the Divine, and with all the sacred elements that are here that serve us and give us life). I feel that recognizing these nurturing relationships in our lives, rather than taking them for granted with a sense of entitlement, helps us to open our hearts and to feel gratitude, which is restorative and nurturing to the self and all other living things.

4. What wisdom can you share that can help people establish a relationship with nature?
Start each day asking to have help in opening up the mind, body, spirit, heart...so that awareness about what we are truly receiving from nature becomes apparent. Ask, as well, to be able to receive these gifts with respect and to know how to use them to serve the highest good, and to deepen into a respectful relationship with all that supports us on our path. I am doing this and I have continually found it to be profoundly nurturing, healing, and so well received by the spirit realms. I feel so many beings who are excited that I have opened my psychic doors to honor them.

5. Anything else you'd like to add?
I love my Mother!

Amanda eloesh is an integrative medicine specialist, an expressive and meditative arts healer, and an urbindigenous priestess. She hold a master's degree from California Institute of Integral Studies in counseling psychology/expressive arts therapy, is fully ordained as a 13 Moon Priestess, has been initiated into the Mayan shamanic path, as well as Tibetan Buddha Dakini Tantra and Hindu mudra, mantra, and yoga. Amanda creates a solid and safe container for others to safely explore, and heal at their own pace and honors the unique path that we all walk as we navigate change. She helps to turn the chaos of transformation into a graceful dance with the Divine.

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