Registration Open for Art of Dreaming Wishstudio Class

I'm thrilled to announce that registration is now open for my juicy Art of Dreaming class at the Wishstudio!

Four delicious weeks of diving into the Dreamtime to bring back gifts that can enliven your art. And by art, I mean a lot of things...your paintings, your photography, your music, your pottery, or the creative way you live your life. Calling yourself an artist is not a prerequisite to signing up for the class. To register, follow the link above.

The details:

When: Begins January 8, and runs for four Saturdays.
Cost: {$58}
How: Class is online and a new post goes up each week. There will be a forum where class members will interact with each other and with me. I'll also be online each Saturday to answer questions and chat.

Connecting with the dream world can enliven and deepen your art!

This course will set the foundation for artful dreaming. First, we’ll look at creative ways to remember and record your dreams. We’ll also look at different artists who have used dreams in their art.

Second we will seek out dream allies who can take us in new directions or strengthen our skills.

Third we will play around in the hypnagogic realm, that space between waking and sleeping that is ripe with possibility and creativity.

And last, we will look at the different areas in which dreams and art dance together.

During the course, students will share artwork inspired by their dreams, and, if they wish, share dreams they are having. Katrina will work with one person’s dream for the second, third, and fourth classes to give participants a deeper understanding of how to work with their dreams.

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