2010 Adventures

Yosemite Falls and a Misty Valley

It's that time of year, when we all look back at where we've been, what we've done, what we've seen. As I uploaded pictures of my recent trip to Yosemite for snowshoeing and snow-eating and snow-gazing, I realized I've seen some pretty amazing nature this year. And I am grateful I have the means to find my way to them.

Here are the adventures I've been on in 2010:

Heather Farms Park, Walnut Creek
 Canadian Goose Reflecting at Heather Farms Park

Heather Farms Park in April...it's only a few minutes from my house, but the birds there tickle my heart.

Clayton Valley
My Favorite Oak Tree Ever

Clayton Valley in May, where my favorite oak tree lives.

Muir Woods
 Mossy Fairy House

Muir Woods in May. I was lucky enough to visit this magical place twice this year. 

Larkey Park
 Tree That Lives at Larkey Park

Larkey Park many times...it was one of my spots for the TerraPlaces project. These pictures were taken in August. 

Lime Ridge Open Space
  White-Tailed Kite Flying at Dusk

Lime Ridge Open Space in September. I was there to witness the full moon on the equinox.

Dinosaur Hill
View of Pleasant Hill From Dinosaur Hill

Dinosaur Hill in October, another spot I visited for the TerraPlaces project.

 Muir Woods
 Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Muir Woods, October. I could spend days and days and days here. Seriously.

Montara and Pacifica
Rivulets in the Sand, Pacifica

Montara and Pacifica, November. I was lucky enough to attend the Earth Medicine Alliance retreat and see the gorgeous shoreline at Montara, and then visit Pacifica on the way home. I'd been away from the ocean for an entire year and it was magical to see Her again.

Limantour Beach
Waves at Limantour Beach

Limantour Beach, November. Returned to the place where the ocean gave me the idea for my master's final project. I felt immense gratitude seeing this beach again.

Foggy Forest, Crane Flats, Yosemite

Yosemite, December. How I love Yosemite. And this is the first time I've snowshoed there. Glorious.

So there you have it, friends. I hope to go on many more adventures next year (and at least one I know about already...my trip to Scotland in April and May!).  


d page said...

I love how your photos take us where you were. Happy New Year, Katrina!

Katrina said...

Thanks, Debra! Happy New Year to you too!