Prayers for the World

This afternoon I listened to one of the most moving and heartwarming recordings I've heard in a long time. On the summer Solstice, members of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers came together along with 17,000 people from around the world on a phone call. The grandmothers had messages for us about the water, about the land, about peace. They asked us to hold the Earth in our hearts, to say prayers for the Gulf of Mexico waters, to always think about the children. I highly recommend you listen to it. It is long, but completely worth the time. The prayers and blessings that were said were so beautiful.

The story of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers alone can bring you to tears. There have been prophecies in many indigenous cultures that such a group would form, and we are living in the time when that prophecy came true.

You can learn more about the grandmothers in their movie, For the Next Seven Generations or by reading their book, Grandmothers Counsel the World.


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