Nature Dreaming

Great Ball of Fire - Activity from August 1 CME Subsides

Here is a startling example of how nature inhabits our dreams, straight from my own dreams.

On July 31 I had the following dream: I am in a cozy cabin with a fire going in the fireplace. I settle in and feel good, but there is a nagging something in the background. I look at the view -- I see the Golden Gate Bridge and the sun setting, but something feels off. Then a huge, luminous, gorgeous tidal wave sweeps toward me. It is so beautiful! Illuminated from the inside and turquoise and green. It is also scary. Then a goddess in a yellow dress appears in the room with me. I know she is the sun. She stands in front of me and says, "Jump!"

The next day, solar storms occurred on the sun that affected the magnetic field of the planet, causing gorgeous aurora borealis visible by many people on Earth. Pictures of the aurora that I saw featured colors that reminded me exactly of the tidal wave in the dream. When I heard about the solar storms, I was blown away...this is what my dream was telling me about!

There are many hints within the dream: the fire, the Golden Gate Bridge, the tsunami (the storm looks like a wave on the surface of the sun), the sun goddess. It's all there. Of course, the dream had personal significance for me as well with the emotional upheaval I'm going through. I believe most, if not all, dreams have several layers of meaning.

These kinds of dreams happen all the time and some have them more than others. I'm someone who happens to dream of natural elements, especially storms, quite often.

Image courtesy of NASA Goddard Photo and Video


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A beautiful dream! :-)