TerraPlaces Project

I am so thrilled to announce that a project I cooked up is launching this Sunday, August 1!

It's called the TerraPlaces Project and it is all about connecting with nature. My goal is to gather people from around the world to participate in the project, which is a study to determine the effects of being in the presence of nature.

I'd love for you to join us! The only requirements: choosing an outdoor space to sit with and sharing your experiences on our web site. The benefits to you could include reduced stress, greater connection with your environment, and closer ties with family, friends, and the flora and fauna that inhabit your chosen place.

Have a favorite spot next to a tree or on a shoreline? Or wish you could spent more time outside? This is the perfect way to incorporate more nature into your life.

The first phase of the project begins August 1, so sign up soon!

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