Active Imagination Healing

A few nights ago I took time out to do a castor oil pack and listen to a sound healing CD. During my meditation, I tried a little active imagination healing. I first imagined a strong green light penetrating into my womb, focusing specifically on my ovaries. As I did this, I paid attention to what images arose.

First, I saw a rat gnawing on the cyst on my right ovary. It finished quickly and was left with a large, hard nut. It took the nut and immediately planted it the ground. Right away, a small plant with two leaves sprouted up from the ground, healthy and strong.

I felt really good about that and checked in on the cyst on my left ovary. First I saw numerous tropical fish, many of them yellow, eating the cyst in small bites. I watched them for a while. Then a giant shark shot out of the depths. It took a huge bite out of the cyst and disappeared down into the dark. It surprised me. I had to take a minute to let that sink in.

After the CD finished, I felt incredibly relaxed and I had no pain at all on my right side. The pain on my left side had diminished, and today I feel little pain even though my period is about to start. I hope to do this combination (castor oil, sound healing, and active imagination) again to continue the work the fish and shark have already done. And I'll check in once in a while with that plant to see how it's doing. It will be interesting to see what that seedling becomes.

If you'd like to try this for yourself, there are only a few guidelines to follow with active imagination. The most important piece to remember is to let the images do what they will. Do not try to guide them or control them. And if something shows up you find silly or grotesque, do not try to make it go away. For instance, let's say I saw a pile of maggots, something I consider disgusting. I would want to stay with the image of the maggots to see what they do and what their actions might tell me.

A lot of times disgusting images morph into something else. Stick with it and you'll see amazing things.


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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Insightful post. It sounds like the visualization is working!