Dream Conference Memories: Day Four

Monday presented another full day for me. In the morning I attended a talk by Bob and Lynne Hoss that connected dreamwork and EFT (emotional freedom technique). I have used EFT to great effect and therefore it was no surprise that I experienced healing during their presentation. Find out more about the technique here.

Next I attended the speech given by Robert Moss, one of the leading figures in the dream world and one of my favorite authors. If you ever get a chance to attend a workshop or talk by Robert, I highly recommend going. He is an eloquent speaker and a fount of knowledge. His new book explores the history of dreaming and he touched on several of the highlights from this book during his speech. I liked his presentation so much I decided to go to his workshop after lunch, even though I hadn't planned on it.

Speaking of lunch, that's when I had the chance to meet Toni, a woman I've known online for six years but had never met in person. That's her up top with her three boys, Nolan, Jackson, and Aaron. Needless to say, lunch with this bunch was anything but boring. We talked about planes, trains, and automobiles, the Chicago Tweet-up, the state of freelance writing, and whether or not the weather would hold up for the boys to play a little baseball. Toni's connection with her children was beautiful to witness. There is so much humor and love, and I felt right at home with them. I'm sad we only had an hour.

Back at the conference, I attended Robert Moss's workshop in which we used synchronicity to gain a message from the universe and did juicy dreamwork. Here again I got messages about attending to my health (okay universe, I get it now). I left the workshop an even bigger fan of Robert's work than I was going in.

That night I attended Victoria and Freya's dream group a final time, and then heard Barbara Tedlock, an author I admire, speak about the connection between shamanism and dreams. With my brain absolutely full to the brim, I retired to my room still buzzing from the excitement of the day. Of course, my most exciting day, the day I presented, was still to come.

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