Thoughts on Beauty

Do you ever feel your heart surge because something is so beautiful you don't know if your heart is big enough to hold it? Today while driving home I saw big, billowy clouds that were the most amazing shades of white hovering over the green hills to the east. The breathtaking blue sky provided a backdrop and the sunlight painted the clouds with light. The scene struck me to my core and I am surprised I didn't hold up traffic with my staring. I wanted to linger, to really take in the majesty I was witnessing. But, like everything else, the moment was fleeting and now I just have to content myself with its memory.


Tracy D. said...

I saw them too! I was driving on I80 looking east and came over a little hill and ahhhh... such lovely clouds. Good for us for taking the time to appreciate them!

Katrina said...

I'm glad you got to see them too!