Looking Ahead

I am always in an interesting head space this time of year. I can see the old me waving to me far down the path from where I came, and I can see the new me beckoning to me from just around the corner. It's time to truly let go of what I lost over the last year and prepare to embrace the gifts that the new year has to offer. This liminal time can be uncomfortable...I am empty from shedding the old and not yet beginning to fill with the new. But this is also the time of greatest possibility, so, despite the discomfort, I welcome it.

Last year, I pulled a Medicine Card to see which animal's medicine I'd be working with this year. Wild boar appeared. At first I was a bit disappointed to see his wiry hair and thick tusks because he represents confrontation, and I am horrible at confrontation. But it turns out, I confronted many fears this year. I had some missteps and false starts along the way. I realized that being a dreamworker was not the right path for me, but I learned that incorporating dreams into my writing and artwork is powerful. I jumped into the swift river of art fairs and learned that doing too many in one stretch is a sure way to burn out. In the new year, I plan to do fewer fairs and find other ways to get my artwork out into the world. In the end, I was glad to have boar's energies flowing with me.

I also pulled a Rune for the year. The one that illuminated my path was Kano, which is the Rune of revelation and opening. I certainly had many eye-opening experiences this year that taught me a tremendous amount about myself. In addition, Kano acts as a "light in dark places when all other lights go out," as Galadriel might say. I spent a lot of time shedding light on my shadow, and it is my shadow I intend to investigate in the new year.

I am looking forward to using this practice again to see what forces will be working with me in the year to come.

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