Berkeley Farmers' Market Holiday Fair

I did it! I survived my first tent experience. It was hard work, and I had to get up earlier than I think anyone should (6 a.m.), but the tent looked pretty awesome once we were done. Lance spent a long time hanging all the photos with fishing wire, but we agreed the effect was great -- it looked like my photos were floating on air.

Luckily it was a sunny day. And I was located next to the friendliest people I could have hoped for. One was a potter who has been doing this for 30 years and had exquisite pieces that I got to look at all day. Another, Jenn Lazarus, had something in common with me -- it was her first tent too! We exchanged ideas and chatted throughout the day and it was lovely to connect with a local artist. The neighbor on my right, Fred, had a display that could have been considered an art piece in itself. He made little boards with stenciled letters and big signs too, and the people just ate them up. It was fun to watch people scavenge for the letters in their name.

I had some things happen that I didn't expect. One was getting teary when I sold my Mount Diablo collage. It was the first mixed media collage I made and it had such special meaning to me. Lance said later he was surprised I sold it. I knew that it was meant to go off into the world and be seen, but I didn't know that I would get choked up when it was time to say goodbye to it. I had to have a moment of mourning.

The second was connecting with a fellow consciousness student and photographer. We chatted for a long time about putting yourself out in the world, creating an art community, and including consciousness in art. This is why doing show is so important...it helps me avoid being isolated and hermit-like!

I learned so much doing this show, and I'm glad I get another crack at it in two weeks. Let's hope the weather holds!

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Ann said...

everything looked so great! so proud of you :)