My heart is full to bursting.

You know when it all of a sudden HITS you and you realize just how freakin' lucky you are? When you stop worrying about your busy busy life and have a moment to let it all sink in and you realize that you are blessed because you have such amazing people in your life? I'm having one of those moments.

First, it was hearing from a dear friend, Denny, who is back in Pennsylvania trying to do what he was meant to do: introduce dreamwork to the East coast (or, at least for now, his part of Pennsylvania). He saw a Minnie Evans sculpture last weekend and read about how she became an artist. She "began creating art after experiencing a vision that compelled her to use her talent." He said the statement made him think of me, and the adventure I'm on. I couldn't stop smiling. He is one of my biggest supporters, and he was integral to me taking the leap with my art this summer.

Then, I heard from Penelope, one of the shiniest lights in my life. She's having a baby and I am thrilled beyond words that she and her delightful husband Colin are going to welcome a little bean in just four months (right around my birthday!).

And it spiraled from there. I thought about my friend Susan, who always always supports me even when our schedules get crazy and we can't see each other very often. She is amazing.

And my friends at school, Julieann, Lori, and Megan...who have seen me through quite a number of transformations and who keep encouraging me to go on, even when it seems overwhelming. I am such a better person for knowing them.

And then there's Lance, who is last here, but is certainly never last in my heart. He is the one who reminds me to slow down, who reminds me to take care of myself, who reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to. I am endlessly lucky to be married to him.

I can't imagine a better life right now. I feel like I have it all.

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