Katrina Dreamer Interviews Goddess Leonie

Welcome to the second interview in the Katrina Dreamer interview series! My guest this week is Goddess Leonie, who brings love, inspiration, and a heaping dose of humor to the women she works with. Her workshops, art, blog, and other creative projects encourage us to embrace our glorious true selves and to feel unafraid to share our gifts.

1. What is the importance of nature?
Nature is my healer. My teacher. Under the sky, with the wind brushing my hair aside, the sun kissing my cheeks, the grass beneath my feet...that is where I am most at home, most alive, most like me.

Nature is my temple. It's the place I connect to Great Spirit. I'd be untethered and ungrounded and unsettled without it. I think I'd lose that fierce, glowing spirit of mine if I wasn't intimately involved with my love.

2. How do you connect with nature?
I go outside everyday to be with her, and be with myself. I receive healings from nature. I have deep, precious, loving relationships with animal teachers--including buffaloes, my horse & my dog.

3. How does your work invite others to reconnect with or interact with nature?
I run retreats in nature. I remind goddesses to go back outside to find themselves. I create meditations in conjunction with nature energy to heal women. I teach women the ways they can receive a healing from nature.

4. What wisdom can you share that can help people establish a relationship with nature?
Everything you need is right outside the door. If you are ever in need of healing, it's just outside.

5. Anything else you'd like to add? 
I'd love to share a free Healing Rains meditation with you all! http://www.goddessguidebook.com/free-meditation-for-healing/

Goddess Leonie helps women discover the creative, joyful, wise Goddess inside them through an online Goddess Circle, e-courses & meditation kits. She lives in tropical paradise in Australia in a town named after a goddess. Her home is a 100-year old cottage that is filled with her shining daughter Ostara, hunky Scorpio soulmate, two very fluffy puppies, far too many musical instruments, large quantities of paint and glitter & more prayer flags than necessary. Find her at www.goddessguidebook.com, where she blogs about creativity, spirituality and how to ride joy like it is a tame but slightly mischievous donkey.

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