Harvest Moon and Equinox

For a personal fall equinox and harvest moon celebration, I decided to visit Lime Ridge Open Space this evening. It's nearby and there are many hills from which I could easily glimpse the moonrise.

As I walked up the first hill from the parking lot, I was stopped in my tracks by seeing a barn owl hovering over the field ahead of me. I watched it hover, fly forward a few feet, hover some more, and do this same pattern while making a circle over the field. Eventually it caught dinner and flew with it to a nearby tree. Seeing an owl within minutes of arriving was a beautiful sign.

I climbed a small hill to a bench and awaited the moon. The evening was warm and peaceful. A few other moon enthusiasts were out as well, including two women who found a spot and began doing yoga and a small ritual.

I watched white-tailed kites hover over the fields as well and saw one swoop down and catch it's dinner. I heard the squeak of the animal it caught. Witnessing this made me catch my breath in amazement. I saw a rabbit run across the trail a few feet ahead of me. And then, I saw the moon.

It rose majestically from behind the hills, tinged orange from the sun's last rays. I did a small ritual of my own, reading a list of things I am ready to let go of, and welcoming in whatever the universe has in store for me. I included some pretty big items on the list this time around; it's time for some major clearing in my life. I teared up while sharing the list with the moon. It felt like a benevolent and generous guide holding space for me.

I walked down the hill and was greeted by one more barn owl that flew right toward me and then veered off to my left over a hill. I could not have asked for a more magical evening. I came home feeling uplifted and relaxed.

You can see an entire set of photos of the evening on my Flickr page.

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