Good Ol' Trickster

Back in October, I went for a hike, the first after my surgery in August. My plan: to connect with the land and find out what it might have to say. I chose the Black Diamond Mines in Antioch, the site of a former mining town revisioned as a regional preserve.

I did not expect to connect with archetypal energies (read: trickster) and learn a powerful lesson about myself, but that's exactly what happened. And I wrote about it as a fairytale, one I've posted over at Katrina Dreamer.

Here's an excerpt to whet your palate:

When she looked up from her thoughts, she stopped dead and gasped. Her left hand flew up over her heart and she uttered, "Oh my god." A coyote trotted along a cattle trail 50 yards away on her right. Its fur matched exactly the yellow-brown early fall grass. Katrina stared as though she saw a deity. She could not move her feet: the sight of the animal rooted her to the ground. The coyote crossed the valley as Katrina silently watched. It appeared unaware of her although she knew it sensed her presence. The beauty of the animal put Katrina in a state of awe. Time stopped. If I could hold on to this moment forever, I would, Katrina thought. Read more.


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