Communicating With Nature

I talk a lot here about communicating with nature. But what does that mean? Does it mean a tree or a rock or a bird actually talks to you? Does it mean that the tree or rock or bird actually understands what you say back to it?

On a certain level, I believe the answer is yes. I don't mean that the ocean is suddenly going to start talking to you in a booming voice that speaks perfect English. There are many ways of communicating, including through sensations, visions, smells, and signs. Some people, like Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of Findhorn, do hear a voice in their head when communicating with trees or plants. But others receive the communication in the other ways I've listed.

I am a panpsychist, someone who believes that everything, and I mean everything, in the universe has at least some level of consciousness. I take a broader view than many panpsychists might, and this stems from my work with terrapsychology, parapsychology, shamanism, and the pagan beliefs of my Celtic and Nordic ancestors.

In any case, I regularly communicate with nature. This can take many forms. Sometimes I sit down with a tree and see what it has to tell me. Other times I address the ocean or the land upon which I'm sitting. It could also mean communicating with birds or cats or insects.

There are several ways in which to do this. Sometimes I use my clairvoyant training and I go into trance while sitting with a tree, watching for what the tree has to say. Other times I will get into a meditative state and attempt to speak with the soul of the land, a practice which is the essence of terrapsychology. Or, I might leave my eyes open and watch for synchronicities, which is another way in which nature communicates with us. All of these ways are valid, and all of them work.

If you would like to try communicating with nature, I've found the following meditation to be a good introduction. You can have someone read this to you, or record yourself saying it and play it back. It's best to do this while in nature, but you can do it from your bed as well. Have a journal or paper and pen ready nearby so you can record your experience.

Communicating With a Place in Nature That Calls You
Get into a comfortable position. You can sit up or lie down. Take a few deep breaths, calming your body and mind. Feel for anywhere you are uncomfortable and shift yourself to the most comfortable place you can manage. Allow any thoughts that arise to come up and then let them drift away. Imagine each thought as a balloon that slips through your fingers and flies off on the wind.

Imagine you are in a clearing. You sit amongst grass and wildflowers. You hear the gentle burble of a stream in the distance. The wind gently blows through the trees, touching your skin. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your back. You see the beginning of a trail before you. Get up and begin walking on the trail. Eventually the landscape will change. You'll start to notice different features. Maybe the forest gives way to a sandy beach. You might find yourself standing in front of a waterfall. Go wherever the trail leads. When you recognize you've found the right spot, find a resting place. Is the setting familiar or foreign? Have you been here before? Open yourself to what this landscape has to say. Ask the land a question, or simply relax and allow it to share its message with you. Stay here for a few minutes.

When you feel you are ready, stand up. Thank the land for being with you. Begin walking back down the trail. When you reach the spot where you started, gently open your eyes and return to the place where you are. When you feel ready, write down your experiences.

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