Intuitive Readings and Dreamwork

I am thrilled to announce that I now offer intuitive readings! For the last 18 months I have studied in the clairvoyant training program at Intuitive Way. I am trained in several types of readings: aura, past life, spirit guide, relationship, life path, and career, as well as custom readings.

Why get an intuitive reading? They validate you and give you a healing. They help you grow and transform. This is not me giving you advice. This is me communicating with your higher self/spirit in order to give you a direct link to your inner knowing. The process is illuminating and exciting.

Visit my intuitive reading page at Katrina Dreamer to find out more. I'm currently running a special: buy a 30-minute session and you'll receive a 15-minute session free.

I am also proud to offer private dreamwork. As you know, dreamwork is one of my passions and I find the process endlessly exciting. It is often difficult to do dreamwork alone; working with someone else who can offer feedback and help you unpack the symbols takes the pressure off of you to figure it all out on your own. I only go as deep as you are ready to go and I always create a safe space for the dreamwork.

Visit my dreamwork page at Katrina Dreamer to find out more. I am currently offering a special for dreamwork as well: if you schedule a 1.5 hour session you will receive a free 15-minute intuitive reading.

I look forward to working with you either as a reader, a dreamworker, or both!