The Pattern That Connects

"Premonitions imply that in order to save ourselves, we must help others, because we are others. Premonitions suggest a revision of the golden rule, from 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' to 'Be kind to others because in some sense they are you.' The challenges that confront us—climate change, drought, falling crop yields, water shortages, and population explosions—go beyond discovering clever ways to engineer ourselves out of them, as important as technical measures are. Our survival is overwhelmingly a matter of learning to fit into the pattern that connects, to which the great lessons of premonitions are a guide." -- Larry Dossey

I took this excerpt from the excellent article Dossey wrote on premonition for the Summer '09 edition of Shift magazine. I am a big believer in psi, and I wrote a paper about its links to consciousness last winter. Development of our psi capacities (and we all have them to one degree or another) is crucial because these capabilities give us an immediate sense of our deep interconnection, as Dossey points out.

If we finally grasped our interconnectedness, it would greatly impact how we live. I can say from first-hand experience that exploring my intuition and psychic abilities has transformed my life and given me a deeper awareness of the mysteries of the universe. I hope that more people will tread this path in the future. It would benefit us all.

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Intuitive Girl said...

I'm finding that more people seem to be interested in tapping into their intuitive sides. Cool blog.