Dream Conference Memories: Day One

I stepped onto the shuttle bus, not sure what awaited me during my five-day stay in Chicago. Butterflies danced in my stomach, making me fidget. Then a friendly woman joined me on the bus. "Are you a dreamer?" she said. And that's when I knew this trip was going to rock.

It's also when the synchronicities began. Sue, the friendly woman I met on the bus, lives in Minnesota, land of my ancestors and a place that's been at the forefront of my consciousness. It's no wonder we hit it off immediately. I mentioned my presentation, and when she found out the topic was animals and dreams, our rapport grew.

On that same bus I met Peter, a quirky dreamer who joined me for dinner at the hotel restaurant the first evening. We shared dream and life stories and it turned out his wife is doing the same allergy-elimination therapy I am. Another coincidence.

And so it went for the entire conference. If I was brave enough to be myself and talk to perfect strangers (something I do not normally do), it meant I opened myself up to interesting conversations and connections. I'm happy to say, for the most part, I was brave enough, and that means I made many new friends.

That night, at the opening reception, I realized I have joined a tightly knit community of intelligent, fun, friendly people. The founders share friendships that are apparent and their love of dreams has not dissipated over the last 25 years. These are my kind of people: men and women who share a fascination with dreams, the unconscious, myth, archetype, the Earth, art, and psi. I felt I was in my element, free to be myself. What could be better?


noetic journey said...

sounds wonderful! Allergy elimination therapy? Frustrating isn't it?

Katrina said...

Yeah, Stephanie, this whole allergy thing has been frustrating. I'm doing NAET right now and I can eat things I wasn't able to before -- in small amounts. But my insides are still all out of whack....On to the next thing.

Noetic Journey said...

I am trying to get back on track these days. I go back and forth between taking care of myself and giving in/up. It's a horrible cycle.
Wishing you well.