Favorite Shots

I went through the photos I've taken the first five months of the year and chose several of my favorites to post (or repost) on my Flickr. This one was taken sitting under my favorite oak tree.

I also spent some time looking at my old photos...some of them are five years old! My style has changed and my knowledge has grown, and I am really happy with how my work is progressing. And to think: it all started with two photographs, one of a hibiscus and another of an orchid, taken in Kauai on my honeymoon. That's something else to be grateful for.

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Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

What a great (and productive) "analysis session" you've had... excellent! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in projects now, I forget all those old pics-- it's really fun to just "get lost" in them every once in a while.

Glad to hear that you're pleased with where your photography is taking you... and the gratitude is *always* good.