A week ago I took a leap and applied for an arts fair in Sonoma. And I am thrilled to say that I was accepted! This will be my first arts fair and I am nervous and excited. It definitely helps me feel like a "real" artist!

The funny thing is, doing arts & crafts fairs is a tradition in my family. My aunt and grandmother did crafts fairs all during the time I was growing up, and my aunt continues to do them. I come from a family of talented artists...it took me a long time to accept my place in that lineage.

I will be selling my photographs and mixed media collages, and I'll be sharing a booth with my talented friend Megan. Here are the details:

Sonoma Valley Holiday Artisan Faire
Sunday, November 23
Noon to 5:30 p.m.

Sonoma Veterans Memorial Hall
126 First Street West
Sonoma, CA

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kelly rae said...

you are doing it!